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The International Molyneux Family Association is a forum for the exchange of genealogy and family history for people interested in the Molyneux surname (and its many variants). Our publications and online forums include our periodic newsletter, this website, our DNA project, and our Facebook pages. IMFA relies on members to provide content for these media. We welcome your participation!

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Who Will Inherit Your Genealogy Research?

This Genealogy Will is being posted so you can designate who you would like to see inherit your genealogical research. Example: You can leave your research to a family member, a society or perhaps a study partner. Print out this will and place it with your family papers.

New For Your Bookshelf

The Spirit of a Revolution
Boston: Liberty's Cradle

"Between 1768 and 1774, Molineux was behind only Samuel Adams in importance as a Boston organizer." ‒J. L. Bell, Boston historian

In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, the American colonies are teetering on the brink of disaster. With the threat of unbridled control by the British Parliament, Boston patriots seek to overturn their Motherland's tyrannical practices.

William Molineux, a rabble-rouser and little-known figure in American history, resists Britain's oppressive ways so colonists can live in the land of the free and be masters of their own destiny. The struggle for freedom in prerevolutionary Boston-by real people with hopes, dreams, and families-is eerily similar to what Americans face in the opening decades of the twenty-first century.

Learn more at cammolineux.com
Available in paperback in many online stores, including Amazon.

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

Author: Blaine T. Bettinger

Publisher: Family Tree Books, 2019
ISBN-13: 9781440300578

Unlock the family secrets in your DNA!

Discover the answers to your family history mysteries using the most cutting edge tool available. This plain-English guide (newly updated and expanded to include th latest DNA developments) will teach you what DNA tests are available; the pros and cons of the major testing companies; and how to choose the right test to answer your specific genealogy questions. And once you've taken a DNA test, this guide will help you use your often-overwhelming results, with tips for understanding ethnicity estimates, navigating suggested cousin matches, and using third-party tools like GEDmatch to further analyze your data.

The book features:

  • Colorful diagrams and expert definitions that explain key DNA terms and concepts such as haplogroups and DNA inheritance patterns
  • Detailed guides to each of the major kinds of DNA tests and tips for selecting the DNA test that can best help you solve your family mysteries, with case studies showing how each can be useful
  • Information about third-party tools you can use to more thoroughly analyze your test results once you've received them
  • Test comparison guides and research forms to help you select the most appropriate DNA test and organize your results
  • Insights into how adoptees and others who know little about their ancestry can benefit from DNA testing

Whether you've just heard of DNA testing or you've tested at all three major companies, this guide will give you the tools you need to unpuzzle your DNA and discover what it can tell you about your family tree.

Request to Members of Spartanburg Line

The DNA Team at IMFA has been actively pursuing traditional genealogical research to supplement our genetic genealogical research. One line of descent being researched is the colonial South Carolina family of Emanuel Mullinax b 1735 and his presumed son, Absolum, b 1771. The next two generations had some people who stayed in South Carolina while some headed west to North Georgia to search for gold. Others dispersed elsewhere.

If you think you descend from these gentlemen, a few things will help in our research:

  1. Mx Pedigrees placed on the IMFA website
  2. Access to your “match list” from Ancestry.com if you have taken their DNA test
  3. Mx men willing to take the Y-DNA test from FTDNA or to upgrade their current kit
  4. GEDMATCH Kit numbers
  5. From anyone familiar with chromosome browsers, we’d like to know if any members share segments on chromosome 12 with other Mx descendants, along with copies of their Mx trees
  6. People to join the FTDNA Molyneux Family Surname Project and upload their existing DNA data to Family Finder, or to order a Family Finder Test. The tests are on sale through Valentine’s Day!
  7. Any records or family traditions regarding searching for gold in North Georgia

Of course, the above items would be welcomed from people who don’t descend from Emanuel and Absolum as well!

Please email us at DNA@mx-world.org if you can help.

US409 Julie Mullinax Crawford

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Sailing Master of Endeavour
Robert Molineux (1746-1771)

The above video recommended to our membership by US294 George Mollineaux. Additional information about Robert Molineux and Molineux Harbor in our Resources section Robert Molineux - Master of Her Majesty's Bark Endeavour by Dr. Mike Inskip

IMFA for 2022 and Beyond

IMFA was founded in 1986. While it seems like just yesterday, it has been 35 years of growth due to the outstanding efforts of volunteer Mx researchers. It is now time for the next generation to step forward and grow IMFA into the future. Your participation is vital to the continued progress of IMFA.

Ageing and declining health have forced the retirement of several Family Representatives (UK, Australia, US & Canada), our MX World Editor and soon our webmaster. Most of these volunteer positions were filled by the same members year after year with no backups. We will spend the coming year recruiting new volunteers from our membership for these positions. Ideally two volunteers for each position to share the responsibilities and assure continuity.

Times have changed. In 1986 there was no graphical internet, no desktop publishing, no email, no searchable online record repositories. Printed newsletters, library research and scrolling through reels of microfilmed records were our tools of the trade. But technology has dramatically changed our methods. And IMFA will continue to transition and take advantage of new tools.

We will be implementing changes that take advantage of technology to ease the volunteer's task. For example, membership, renewals and dues payments will be automated on the website, sparing the Family Represetative with this accounting chore.

Positions Urgently Needing Volunteers

Family Representative

The Family Representative is the local contact who can interact with members or potential members, assist members in how to access IMFA resources such as connecting with an Mx Research volunteer or who to contact to join our DNA project. The Family Representative also forwards member information to our Editor for publication in MxWorld.


Our Editor selects the information for the quarterly MxWorld newsletter from information received directly from members, forwarded for publication by our Family Representatives, sourced from the Editor's personal archives or prior IMFA publications. Content is compiled into either word processing files (i.e. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) or as a PDF.

Web Content Creator

Receives digital files from our Editor and formats for web presentation. This requires some knowledge of HTML and CSS. We use Zurb Foundation 5 as a framework to display documents appropriate to the viewing device (computer screen, tablet, phone). If you are familiar with HTML & CSS you will easily understand Zurb Foundation.

Website Programming & Technical Support

Our website is hosted with a commercial provider. The site was created using Microsoft ASP and Microsoft SQL Server. We currently use Microsoft Visual Studio as our code editor. The site can be maintained as is with only periodic content updates, or this position can recreate the site on a platform and a language that they deem better for IMFA in the future.

Research Assistance

From time to time we all find ourselves facing an apparent brick wall in our research efforts. We find pieces of the puzzle are missing and cannot be found. Sometimes another pair of eyes or knowledge of a little known document resource can break the barrier and open new connections. If you find yourself in that situation we might be able to help. Request help.